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Maped Study Mechanical Pencil Compass (0.5 mm)

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This Pack contains:

Mechanical Compass – 0.5mm :1N

Lead box – 30mm length :1U

Metal legs, Ergonomic head, Case with integrated ruler. Compass study mechanical.

The Maped Study Compass Pencil is ideal for drawing perfect circles or angles at home, school or in the workplace. It comes with a built-in pencil so you can get started right away.

It comes in a handy reusable carry case so you can store it easily.

The pack contains a compass with an attached pencil and lead refills.

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Maped Study Mechanical Compass is durable and has an attractive design. The compass is made with not-rusting strong material. It comes with a precise marking for a perfect and accurate reading. It is a multi-use practical tool for geometric constructions.




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