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Blending Paper Stumps

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Blending Paper Stumps Sketch Drawing Tools, Paper Art Blenders for Student Sketch Drawing Set of 6 pcs

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A Blending stump or paper stump is a stick of tightly rolled up soft paper with 2 pointed ends. They are used to blend, smear or smudge graphite, charcoal or similar mediums. A blending stump is one of the widely-used drawing accessories. This blend stump is made of high quality material, durable and reliable. It can be used in some places with small area to make the picture hazy and smooth. Meanwhile, it is also a brush pen to shadow or darken picture when it is stained with colors. It is made of compressed paper, suitable for a picture that requires fast mixing and blending. blending Paper Stump is great for drawing products, and you should not miss it.

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