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Brustro Artists’ Gouache 12ml Set of 24

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Brustro Artists’ Gouache 12ml Set of 24 are highly pigmented, Bright opaque colours, Superior matte velvet finish, Strong coverage power, Intermixable, Lightfast, Easy to apply and wash

Being water-based, they dry quickly and can also be rewetted easily when required. Great for mixed media work, mixes well with colour pencils, inks and acrylics.

Being opaque one can paint from dark to light with good coverage over already painted areas without lifting the underlying paints.

Works best on paper, boards, wood and primed canvasses. Ideal for professional artists, graphic designers, illustrators and fine art students.

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Brustro Gouache colours achieve its high opaque value by the high pigment load. They are versatile paints that can be used straight from the tubes, diluted with water for a watercolour effect or mixed with different mediums giving you endless possibilities. Gives you a uniform, matte, streak-free finish. They have excellent workability, coverage, durability and blend-ability. This feature attributes to them being a popular choice for designers and illustrators as the work becomes easy to photograph and reproduce without the problem of glare.

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