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Camlin Artist Brush Pen Set -12 Shades

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Camlin Artist Brush Pen Set with Pigment Based UV Resistant Waterproof Ink.

Available in a pack of 12 assorted shades, Camlin’s Artist Brush Pens give the user a beautiful range in colours for their artwork.


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Camlin Artist Brush Pen Set -12 Shades contains

 Black, burnt umber, burnt sienna, prussian blue, sky blue, viridian blue, sap green, magenta, crimson, permanent orange, Indian yellow, lemon yellow

Pigment based, waterproof brush pen ink

Acid free, Permanent, UV Resistant and light fast

Soft and flexible tip

Consists of 12 artist shades, best used for sketching, illustrating, doodling and hand-lettering


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