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Daler-Rowney System3 Acrylic Colour Introduction Set (10x22ml Tubes)


High-quality pigments, superior pigment loading allowing to be thinned with water.

Excellent lightfastness and permanence

Smooth acrylic resin binder for a creamy, medium body viscosity.

High versatility: multi-surfaces, indoor and outdoor, ideal for mixed media.

Set of 10, starter size 22 ml (0.74 oz) tubes include Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cadmium Red Hue, Crimson, Ultramarine, Emerald, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Mars Black, and Titanium White.


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The Daler-Rowney System3 range is made for art students and artists who love to work with acrylics of all kinds. Comprising acrylic paints, inks, mediums and brushes, the System3 collection offers a complete acrylic suite of compatible products.



Daler Rowney


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