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Fine Art Cotton Canvas Pad 12 X 16 Inch

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100% cotton fine grain canvas pad

Ideal for acrylic & oil painting, white (12 x 16 inch)

Fevicryl Fine Art Canvas Pad is ideal for beginners and artists. The texture is fine-grain and is suitable for creating fluid artworks. Texture painting and oil painting are supported as well.

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Fine Art Cotton Canvas Pad 12 X 16 Inch are sturdy and long-lasting acrylic and oil canvas Pads for painting, mixed media drawings, and sketching. Unleash your imagination and let your ideas go wild with these. These provide enough space for your creative juices to get flowing. Never worry about paints leaking from the back of these Fevicryl Fine Art Canvas Pads. The canvas has a double acrylic titanium priming that prevents any seepages from occurring on the rear side.


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