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Khyati Oil Plate with 2 Dippers A041 Rectangle shape

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Khayti A041 Oil Plate is Super white suitable for Oil & Acrylic Colours.

Duarable and light weight plate.

Come with two detachable oil dippers & 4 brush holders.

Size: 300mm x 200mm

Gives large work area

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  300mm X 200mm & Thickness 5mm so, it won’t Break When Falls

  Khyati Palettes Are Strong For Longer Life And At The Same Time Light Weight To Minimize Hand Strain. Super White Suitable for Oil & Acrylic Colours .Ideal For the Artist Particular about Mixing the Perfect Shade Come With Two Detachable Oil Dippers & 4 Brush Holders. Smooth Edges and Thumb Hole Make For Pleasant Handling

  A Smooth Glass like Surface for an Easy Time Mixing Both Acrylic and Oil Paints. Such A Great Finish Of The Product Makes Your Art And Craft Projects A Fun Experience

  Our Palettes Are Suitable For Painters, Crafts, Hobbyists, Fine Artists, Students, Art Studio for Oils, Acrylics, Etc

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