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Mission Gold lass Water Color 36 shades 7 ml


Mission Gold Water colors. Gold Class 7ml X 36shades

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Mission Gold Watercolors are handmade colours by first mixing carefully selected pigments with premium mediums and dispersants and allowing them to naturally cultivate extraordinary color properties.


Mission Gold Watercolours disperse quickly, beautifully and evenly in water allowing the artist to better express true depth and perspective of multi-dimensional objects.

Mijello Mission Gold Artist Water colour Set of 36 Colours X 7 ml tubes including Lemon Yellow, Permanent Yellow Light, Permanent Yellow Deep, Yellow Orange, Orange, Vermilion, Permanent Red, Permanent Rose, Rose Madder, Crimson Lake, Opera, Yellow Ochre No. 1 Transparent, Light Red, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Red Brown, Vandyke Brown, Sepia, Greenish Yellow, Yellow Green, Sap Green, Viridian, Olive Green, Hooker’s Green, Vandyke Green, Cerulean Blue, Peacock Blue, Cobalt Blue No. 1, Prussian Blue, Indigo, Mijello Blue, Ultramarine Deep, Permanent Violet, Red Violet, Ivory Black, and Chinese White Transparent. Also includes a Mijello Silver Nano Watercolor Palette.

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Mission Gold

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