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Modeling Craft Clay Tools

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Clay tool set for working with clay, plasticine and other modeling compounds

It Consists of 7 mini double ended tools , Sturdy wood tools can be used with all types of clays

these clay modeling tools are made of nice wood , which is durable and lightweight, you can use them for a rather long time and carry them with you, if needed

The curved end contours delicate feature ,7 styles for different usages, good for carving, shaping, modeling, making dots, scraping, cutting, brushing, smoothing and so on, suitable for detail works

Wide application: these pottery shaping tools are good for both school and home usage, suitable for pottery classes, ceramic classes, making clay projects and so on

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Add professional detail to your polymer clay, cakes, models and more!

This set is ideal for polymer clay, air dry clay, sugar paste(rolled fondant),petal paste(gum paste), marzipan or any craft projects.

Perfect combo of practical tools.

Each tool has double heads making 14 tips in all!

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