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Pidilite Hobby Ideas Water based Glass Colours – 10 Shades

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Fevicryl Glass Colours. 1 BOX. 115mL

Fevicryl Glass Colours are an innovative range of hobby colors from Pidilite, They are ready-to-use and do not require any medium, They are water-based and non-toxic. Creating stain glass effects with Fevicryl Glass Colours is not only easy but it is great fun too!

Each box set of Fevicryl Glass Colors contains 1 x 15mL tube of black outliner & 10 x 10mL colors tubes. The included colors are: Tomato Red, Golden Yellow, Sea Blue, Crystal Green, Brown, Pink, Black, White, Ultramarine Blue, and Orange.

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The glass painting kit has 10 assorted sets of vibrant colours that are ready to use and do not require any medium

Multiple surfaces: The glass paint can be used on multiple surfaces like glass, wood, terracotta, and OHP sheets to create unique DIY projects. While using on terra cotta a base coat of white colour needs to be applied first, for the colours to stand out. While using the glass painting colours make sure that the surface is flat

Water-based colours: The fevicryl glass painting kit is non-toxic and water-based. Since it is non-toxic it can be safely used by children as well. It can be directly used on glass, wood and OHP sheets without any medium

Beginner-friendly: The Pidilite fevicryl water-based glass painting kit is an all-inclusive kit that can be used by beginners as well as an art professional to create their own unique DIYs 5) Get Creative: You can get as creative as you want with the colours to create innovative designs that can be used as home improvement stuff or also for gifting purposes.




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